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Дата публикации: 14 Март 2018
ACINT PRO AUDIO, A DUTCH COMPANYJürgen Franzen of FaitalPRO talks to Arnoud Van Buren Jurgen Franzen FaitalPRO (right in image): "Please can you give us a brief company history or overview such as who you are, you range of activities and the customer groups you focus on."
Arnoud Van Buren of ACINT pro audio: "We are a Dutch company with headquarters in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands, importer, exporter, and audio innovator. We opened up in 2001 in order to design and sell professional audio equipment; speakers, amps, and audio processing.
Since the start of this new adventure we have been focusing mostly on the entertainment audio market, as per retail selling and rental equipment.
We are well known on the market for our ability in producing custom made solutions for several pro audio areas, using CAD drawings and developing specialized prototypes.
We also own a paint shop to fulfill any special demand of the customers, and especially the retail segment has appreciated this particular tailor made solutions on enclosures."

J.F.: "Is your company exactly as you wanted or is there a particular direction or goal you are seeking to achieve."
A.V.B: "Due to our specialization we have grown as fast we can, always finding new customers even though keeping them for a long time relationship is harder and harder these days, since competition is strong in our market.
We are still building the best speakers as per price/power ratio and we have always succeeded in convincing customers of our audio quality and application possibilities.
Besides we keep on looking for smart solutions in our markets."

J.F.: "How have recent changes in our economy affected you and the way you do business?"
A.V.B: "Economy is getting better here, so this means there is more money to invest in more expensive systems; actually we have doubled our turnover this year."

J.F.: "Please can you give one or two ideas on a particular installation or project using FaitalPRO components."
A.V.B: "We always use FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers in our Ri-4 speaker systems SevenSound branded; this model in particular is a real compact loudspeaker enclosure with high output and extreme good horizontal coverage which has long and extensively been appreciated in fixed installations."

J.F.: "Why did you switch to FaitalPRO and what products are making a positive impact on your business."
A.V.B: "FaitalPRO had loudspeakers that were compact, high power and smooth in response."

J.F.: "What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your designs?"
A.V.B: "The general impression is always the same, from all customers, and that is FaitalPRO components are good sounding loudspeakers with good power handling."

J.F.: "What is FaitalPRO's best seller for you?"
A.V.B: "We adopted in our solutions several models, and so among our favorites let me mention the LF 12HP1010 woofer, the 3FE25 a mini woofer, and compression driver HF146R.
LF 12HP1010 it is a 12" waterproof paper cone woofer which can handle 700 W at a sound pressure of 126 dB @ 1 mtr. This means it may boast great power handling and efficiency, and high output on the low frequency range.
Again in our best sellers is the mini woofer FaitalPRO 3FE25 which is a 3" ferrite woofer - 20 W, handling 40 W of maximum power, generating 105 dB on 1mtr. Last but not least, the HF compression driver FaitalPRO HF146R, which is a 1.4" neodymium driver withstanding 80 W of continuous power, 160 W maximum, with 109 dB sensitivity with smooth response!."

J.F.: "What products would you like to see in the future from FaitalPRO?"
A.V.B: We have also been also adopting for long the FaitalPRO 15HP1030 and HF102 but in a near future we would appreciate some good midrange 6"- 8" drivers with over 100dB/1w/1m efficiency, and also 12"-15"coaxials drivers."

J.F.: "What are your future plans such as business growth, new products etc.?"
A.V.B: Though we are quite satisfied of our enclosure range, we feel there could be a lot of interest in our market as per coaxial active monitor systems, and more in general for high power speaker sets."
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