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Дата публикации: 08 Февраля 2017
Aerons (India) Exim Private Limited"FaitalPRO is making new international benchmarks" Andrew Richardson Area and OEM Manager of FaitalPRO talks to Ankit Gupta of Aerons, India.

Andrew Richardson: Mr. Gupta, can you give us an overview of your company, who you are, the range of activities, your customers and your focus.
Ankit Gupta: With our base in India, Aerons Exim main business is audio distribution, we focus our business process with the aim of meeting all kinds of sound needs of our clients.
Our business started in 1962 as a manufacturer of radio and speakers but turned into a one star merchant export house in the year 2000. Ours is a client oriented organization, which works under the able guidance of Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta (Director) and I, Ankit Gupta (Director). Our extensive industry experience help Aerons in providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices.
Our wide range means that we have a high demand in countries which include Africa and Middle East Asia.
The expertise of our highly proficient team also strengthens us in providing competitive solutions for customers and achieving an annual turnover of 12 crores (a crore is 10 million, INR) within a time span of less than a decade.
We boast a team of highly qualified technical experts who have been working in this industry for a long time period. It's a team of engineers, installation crew, sound representatives, graphics artists, quality checkers and many more highly experienced people. We also organize regular training sessions and workshops for our employees; we want them to be up to date with changing market requirements and technological advancements in the audio industry.
We now have our own brand by which we provide the products required mainly by Indian customers. Our flexible production line easily handles the diverse sound requirements of local clients.
We have been making line array speaker boxes since 2010. Many people were looking for small setups with a big sound, so we decided to start producing small line arrays. Earlier we had made boxes using speakers and we were buying from Chinese OEM factories but after gaining the distribution of Italian professional loudspeakers FaitalPRO we replaced the woofers with FaitalPRO 12FH520 and we were very happy with the response of our customers. FaitalPRO speakers offer nearly double the output we were getting previously.

AR: So is your company now exactly as you wanted or are you moving towards a new direction?
AG: We now feel we are moving in right direction, as we are one of the leading traders and exporters who provide P.A equipment to a large number of clients across global markets. We expanded our distribution of professional hardware and now the wide range of products we offer includes Professional Microphones, Professional Speaker Enclosures, Woofers, Amplifier and Mixers.

AR: Can you better specify the products your company offers?
AG: We feel we are a credible and renowned name in the field of exporting and supplying a wide range of microphones, speakers, mixers and other associated products dedicated to pro audio and P.A. Products are made by the Aerons group and by our partner companies which are famous worldwide with names such as FaitalPRO, Behringer, DJ tech, Fidek and others. The product areas we include is so extensive that we cover all the following areas: Power Amplifiers, Speakers, Precision Transducers, Loudspeakers, Wall Speakers, Speaker Enclosures, Portable PA Systems, Line Array Systems,Microphone Cables, Stage Boxes and Stage Drums, Connectors, Sound Processors, Passive Crossovers, Microphone, DJ Mixers, CD Players, Media Player, Computer Controllers, Speaker Stands.

AR: Who are your typical customers?
AG: We are suppling goods to audio resellers all over India. At present we have 50 dealers who are buying on a regular basis and we are also selling goods to cabinet manufacturers.
Besides the array of superior quality electronic products we offer are often used in various areas including: schools and colleges, big events like stage shows, corporate houses and big industries and also individuals, for personal use.

AR: How is the business atmosphere in your territory, and the client base?
AG: The business is good but it is always difficult for us to introduce new brands, just as it happened when we launched FaitalPRO. Most of the dealers generally prefer to sell products already known by customers. They don't want to try something new. FaitalPRO was not a widely known brand when we started, we needed to promote these great loudspeakers to create awareness within customers but now people respect and appreciate the Italian pro audio brand.

AR: Why specifically did you switch to FaitalPRO.
AG: We were distributing Fane and AERONS products and then people started asking for products which can compete with two other Italian brands. After making a study on Italian and other European loudspeakers manufacturers we found the FaitalPRO specifications were far better than others.
In general, we strive to develop our product offer by applying advanced technology and refined sensibilities in to the creation process.

AR: What FaitalPRO products are making a positive impact on your business?
AG: Before being accepted in our catalogue, individual products are tested against various parameters at manufacturers premises as well as within our units to ensure they comply to Indian and International standards on each parameter.
The 12FH520 woofer is the best-selling product so far for us, and we also received very good response for the 18HW1070 and 18HP1030. But our best sellers are still the FaitalPRO 18HP1070 and 12FH520.
We will continue to experiment with additional models from FaitalPRO because we always try new products and we are also engaged in providing customized solutions to our clients.
This is part of our philosophy since our cost effective products work as a hallmark to distinguish our identity from our competitors. We ensure that all the products we are supplying or exporting are procured from trusted manufacturers, so that they provide flawless and long lasting services to our clients.

AR:Why should a customer choose FaitalPRO products instead others?
AG: I couldn't say that every time a customer should choose FaitalPRO products but the products of FaitalPRO are definitively are above the market standards. FaitalPRO is making new international benchmarks in its category.

AR: What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your design enclosures?
AG: All the clients are very happy with the product. We and our dealers are happy since we started with FaitalPRO loudspeakers. Now we offer such a big variety to customers and changes are much less to due to non-availability. We cover the market from entry professional level to high end professional.

AR: Can you underline just one on your personal views which better describe FaitalPRO philosophy on approaching the market?
AG: FaitalPRO products are made following market requirements. They study the market carefully and their products reflect this effort and care.

AR: What products would you like to see in the future from FaitalPRO?
AG: We want to work on full range speakers in 8" and 12".

AR: Can you tell us one anecdote on a particular occasion using FaitalPRO components?
AG: We have been selling FaitalPRO loudspeakers to many people. The products we use in our cabinets are liked by almost every customer even if they are a fan of a historical brand name of speakers manufacturer.

NEW DELHI 110028

Phone: +91-11-41410460
Whatsapp: +91-9810953042
Skype: aerons.india
Website: paequipments.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AERONSINDIA
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