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Дата публикации: 07 Ноябрь 2016
"OUR PRODUCTS ARE A CRIME OF PASSION"JAMES COOPER, FLIPSIDE Andrew Richardson, Area/OEM sales pro-audio division of FaitalPRO interviews James Cooper, Flipside Soundsystem, british manufacturer and pro audio specialist.

Andrew Richardson, FaitalPRO: "James, can you describe your company in brief, who you are, the range of activities, customers base and focus etc?"

James Cooper, Flipside Soundsystem: "Flipside Soundsystem, based in London, pride ourselves on our flexibility and varied range of expertise, having proven ourselves as loudspeaker designers, installers, sound consultants and PA hirers. Our clients range from London's leading nightclubs and promoters to touring bands and corporate venues like the Houses of Parliament."

A.R.: "Is your company exacly as you wanted or are you striving in some further direction?"
J.C.: "Currently we are focusing on developing our PA hire business so that we can focus more resources on developing new products and ground breaking concepts. Our products are more a crime of passion than a business move and we pride ourselves on the devotion and attention to detail we pour into our research and development. Hopefully in the next few years you will see the Flipside brand expand to provide solutions for a much wider range of applications while still maintaining our totally uncompromising quality."

A.R.: "Who are your target clients?
J.C.: "We tend to deal directly with end users and make little attempts to compromise quality for mass market appeal. Generally our clients comprise of companies and individuals looking for the best possible sound quality available.

A.R.: "How do you see the pro audio market today within the landscape of London?"
J.C.: "We have developed long lasting relationships with clients and suppliers whom we bond with over a shared love for the industry and its products."

A.R.: "Do you have for us one or two anecdotes on a particular installation using FaitalPRO components?"
J.C.: "Currently we're working on a new install requiring a pretty large number of bespoke loudspeakers to be designed. After a lot of listening and research we keep returning to FaitalPRO as we just can't find another product range out there that can provide the quality we want in the power to size ratio we need."

A.R.: "How is the business atmosphere in your territory and client base?"
J.C.: "In one word... Hard. Between the larger European corporations buying up some of the longest standing and best fellow companies in the UK and the tendency for local councils to systematically shut down as much of the live music scene as possible. All that said it is an interesting time. As the bigger companies fall out of favor due to declining quality and worsening customer/trade care it creates a space for smaller companies to fill the gap."

A.R.: "What products and FaitalPRO's are making a positive impact on your business?"
J.C.: "At the moment Hypex amplifier modules and FaitalPRO's RS range of bass drivers... Lots of exciting things in the pipeline as a direct result of these products coming our way!"

A.R.: What are your best sellers loudspeakers utilizing the huge FaitalPRO range?
J.C.: We use several components from FaitalPRO in many of our cabinets and mainly appreciate the subwoofer 18FH510, a 18" - 600 W - 98 dB - 8 Ohm, the 8PR200, a 8" woofer - 200 W - 95 dB - 8 Ohm, the woofer 8RS250 which is a 8" - 200 W - 93 dB - 8 Ohm, the fullrange 4FE32, a 4" - 30 W - 91 dB - 8 Ohm, and the compression driver HF104 a 1" - 40 W - 108 dB - 8 Ohm.

A.R.: "Why did you switch to FaitalPRO and please be specific."
J.C.: "FaitalPRO's products are firstly great, and secondly their customer care is great. Being able to get someone on the phone and discuss specifics is a huge help, but mostly the products are just great, especially the compression drivers! We like those a lot!"

A.R.: "Will you continue to experiment with additional models and products from the company?"
J.C.: "Yes, it would be nice to see more room for samples in the UK, so that we are able to test and listen to a wider range of products."

Unit 2, Tapwood Workshops, Reigate Road, Buckland RH2 9RG, UK

Phone: 02086 710 290
Mail: info@flipside-soundsystem.co.uk
Web: www.flipside-soundsystem.co.uk
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