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Дата публикации: 31 Март 2016
FaitalPRO @ PROLIGHT+SOUND 2016PERFECT SOUND IS EMOTION Dear visitors, guests and friends, FaitalPRO welcomes you to Prolight + Sound 2016 in Frankfurt, the international trade fair, reference for technologies, events and services for professional audio.
This year a dense workshop agenda is the background to our presentation of new and consolidated products that we present in Hall 3.1, Stand A11
First of all, before the news, we would like on this occasion to draw your attention on our concept of quality.

Saying, in fact, that quality is essential for FaitalPRO in each speaker is to say far too little.
In fact, we are never satisfied as long as the quality does not match with constant and repeatable results over time and these concepts of quality and repeatability of the results are only a fraction of the corporate values that our products will suggest.
For this, our professional speakers are an added value that we can pass on to customers all over the world and which, of course, we are very proud of.

The incessant search for improvement in every single detail contributes to create that continuum of excellence, which for 58 years has been driving our business and makes the difference.
The dedicated professional audio division of Faital evolves constantly. The respect of precise quality choices and continued growth at all levels are the greatest guarantee of FaitalPRO.
This constant value is imprinted as a trademark on the whole range of products dedicated to low, medium and high frequencies.

Products concentrating technological solutions and applied passion are the result of constant communication between the company departments involved in the planning of every detail. In the initial design and modeling, acoustic-electric simulations, tests on each prototype and evaluation in a system, plus the realization of pre-series and subsequent internal validation, as well as the grueling test routines that lead to the final stages of development and construction.

We emphasise "communication" because proceeding this growth it has always been essential to FaitalPRO to recognize how crucial the incoming feedback is from customers, all customers, including startups.
This ensures a perfect fit of the products to market requirements, in every moment, in all sectors and within the several branches of professional audio, from installation, to touring.
We demand that our professional speakers have a long life full of success. They are born to boast a great versatility, in purely PA applications where efficiency and the ability to withstand major power are the most important data, but given the remarkable sound quality and tone that distinguishes them, they are perfect virtually anywhere.

Whenever we ask a client "Why he honors us with his choice," someone speaks of "service", others of "values" and "ability to anticipate the needs"; but all agree on the great quality of the products and the great help and support for a steady growth of its commercial success.
Still others speak of "promises kept" by the products, even if FaitalPRO should not promise anything, nothing more than quality that their products will demonstrate to the market for years and years, having practically raised the standard of each market segment.

This makes us very proud because it rewards our efforts that really tend to make us the customers' partner, to lend a hand in the proactive planning and construction support to the market, even in the most difficult times and decisions.
In fact we may have only one flaw ... we take it very seriously!

Discover FaitalPRO products at Prolight + Sound 2016, Hall 3.1 Stand A11
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