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Fecha de publicación: 24 Febrero 2012
FaitalPRO loudspeakers in the Red Bull World Tour systems at the South African S&B Custom Sound Clint Senger, co-owner of S&B Custom Sound in Cape Town , tells us about it.

<< We were asked to build a custom sound system that could cover an event like the Red Bull Maximum Signal Control World Tour.

We did it. On this important project, we decided to use exclusively Italian FaitalPRO loudspeakers .

The system was made up of four horn loaded cabinets for the mid frequencies, some very powerful cabinets with 5 drivers each for the mid and high frequencies plus 8 hybrid subwoofers with double 18” (18HP1040). Put these speakers together with the right amplification and you end up with a high power system that hits around 40 kW. The complete system was let loose for the first time at the recent Cape Town Earth event, and was put to good use in other similar events all around the country.

Our company is called S&B. We started out making systems for our own use and pleasure. As time went by, we managed to make a name for ourselves and today we satisfy our clients’ requests by building custom amplification and sound systems tailored to fit their needs.

For over ten years, Christiaan Buchmueller and I have developed amplification systems for the public ranging from small pubs to the bigger clubs. Chris is Swiss and I’m South African of German origin and the loudspeakers we use are Made in Italy by FaitalPRO. That’s why we can “boast” that our systems have Swiss design, German engineering and an Italian heart.

All S&B products are made to order and built according to international standards – attention to detail is a must, top quality components and a perfect finish are of the utmost importance to guarantee excellent quality and, quite simply, to be the best on the market.

Our systems are greatly appreciated for their incredible weight-power ratio and have a particularly user friendly price considering the higher end, import market segment we carter for, not forgetting advantages of working with local service and support.

Here in Cape Town we’ve built and supplied our sound systems to the most important clubs as well as many of the open air festivals.

In the past we used two other Italian loudspeaker brands that we imported directly, then we tried some Italian loudspeakers form the local Nexo importer, but we decided to give up. From then on we searched for a different loudspeaker, something that could give great performance. We came to know of FaitalPRO so we carried out some tests on a few drivers and did some comparisons with the speakers we used before and, let’s just say we were very impressed to say the least.

The Red Bull Event
The Red Bull team contacted us to know if we still made custom soundsystems and we said yes. So, last September in Cape Town our adventure took off, and we were launched into the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour (Maximum Signal Control).

We built eight cabinets loaded with 18” double woofers (18HP1040), hybrid horn loaded subwoofers and four cabinets including a 12” (12PR300) and double 8” drivers (8PR200) as well as a completely horn loaded 1.4” driver just for high frequencies (HF144).

We use the FaitalPRO HF144 driver for its ketone Polymer diaphragm, power and resonance and the entire system is driven by 40kW of total power, managed by the legendary MC2 amplifiers with BSS processing.

All of the cabinets are built here with CNC machines and assembled by Swiss craftsmen.

Our new projects are some full range enclosures for installation, that make use of the recent 4” loudspeakers (4FE32) by FaitalPRO, in close correlation to other 6” drivers (6FE200), then another cabinet suited for clubs and discos, and a long range sub that employs an 18” woofer (18HP1040) .>>

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