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Fecha de publicación: 15 Mayo 2007
AudioFocus and FaitalPRO: crossed destinies AudioFocus© is a Belgian company which has been researching audio boxes, electronic items and manufacturing all products in their factory for about 7 years. They have been working with several well known international loudspeakers manufacturers and only recently they have "encountered" FaitalPRO products. Following technical talks between the two companies, AudioFocus© placed an order samples to be used in the first prototype boxes.

Xavier Marchal, AudioFocus© R&D Manager confirmed: "Now, for the future, my engineer Sabry Freh and I are designing new ranges of audio boxes with FaitalPRO loudspeakers keeping in mind we need high quality results, very high system reliability and good availability of ... FaitalPRO engineers".

Xavier Marchal was definitely not joking when making the statement. At recent Frankfurt ProLight+Sound a new enclosure was ready and exposed so prominent that everybody entering AudioFocus© booth could not but notice.

Xavier Marchal declared: "The new enclosure, a bass unit called "MTB118", makes use of a powerful and beautiful 18" woofer loudspeaker by FaitalPRO; but, in order to make the heart of our new outbreak visible, we decided to place a similar brother component right on top of the box. And it worked, since everybody stopped staring at our prototypical enclosure - and the naked component on it - before entering our booth".

Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager commented: "At Faital we are proudly Italian; PA and automotive loudspeaker manufacturers for more than half a century and our products are sold all over the world. Before lunching our FaitalPRO -professional division- we spent considerable time (over two years) and money over R&D, researching the pro audio market and how we could best supply all the sort of transducers needed in the construction of high powered, reliable enclosures. Sound reinforcement is certainly one of the most competitive markets in the industry. So we are now definitely very happy to see the market has started noticing us!"

Xavier Marchal explained how AudioFocus© made the decision to use FaitalPRO components: "After employing some world famous loudspeakers we met FaitalPRO at last year Muzik Messe. Following communication my engineer Sabry Freh  insisted explaining me how all the guys at FaitalPRO are truly professional and a little bit "crazy", willing to explore new concepts, who analyse the speaker as a high-end component made to last under extreme conditions of use. So we decided to start testing their products".

Igor Cambazzu, Pro Audio Sales Manager, declared: "During 2006 AudioFocus© decided to co-operate with FaitalPRO and since the start the two sides realised they were on the same wavelength. So the first set of samples was sent to the Belgian box manufacturer and the first couple of FaitalPRO 18" drivers, W18N8 high performance neodymium -1000W 8 Ohm-, was tested with great results".

The box was shown at Frankfurt, called MTB118, meant for Mid Trow Bass, is the first of a series under the AudioFocus© Brand to hit the market at the same time at FaitalPRO launch of TEN new drivers in the professional loudspeaker range, including woofers, compression HF drivers, and an alloy HF horn. All new models are specifically styled, engineered and produced in Italy and are tailored for the highest quality applications, full-range entertainment-quality sound.

Xavier Marchal reported: "When I personally met all FaitalPRO team I was impressed by their professional approach: a nice group of guys, absolutely crazy and fanatical about sound with a lot of humour and all the best technologies applied to their loudspeakers after intense research and testing. They are just like me, a little bit crazy, always trying to find solutions to solve unsolvable problems".

As per the future plans of AudioFocus©, Xavier Marchal concluded: "We are to work together to design customized speakers following our intents. Actually we have found a partner who is just like us, broad of spirit, full of ideas, open minded and close to our customers".
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