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Fecha de publicación: 23 Abril 2007
Audio Focus' Xavier Marchal comments on FaitalPRO Audio Focus is a Belgian company which has been studying audio boxes, electronic items and manufacturing of all products in their facility for about 7 years. They have been working with several international loudspeakers manufacturers and only recently they have "met" FaitalPRO products.
"Now, for the future, my engineers and I are designing new ranges of audio boxes with FaitalPRO loudspeaker, keeping in mind we need high quality results, very high reliability and good availability of FaitalPRO engineers".
Marchal Xavier, AudioFocus R&D Manager

Community Europe SA - rue Rempart de la Tour 29, 5590 Ciney / Belgium Tel : + 32 (0) 83 218054

Some pictures of FaitalPRO 18" drivers used in Audio Focus actual prototype of folded horn called MTB118 (for Mid Throw Bass 1 x 18").
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