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Fecha de publicación: 12 Abril 2007
FaitalPRO, ten new Pro Audio products Four neodymium compression drivers, the HF range, one alloy horn and five neodymium woofers and mid woofers.

Milan, 12th April 2007 (press release for immediate diffusion)

FaitalPRO in the occasion of the recent Frankfurt trade fair, ProLight+Sound, March 2007, launched 10 brand new products meant to complete the already available neodymium drivers professional range, which is thoroughly engineered and produced in Italy.

Today the FaitalPRO catalogue encompasses two lines of woofer drivers dedicated to low frequencies reproduction, and one brand new line for the high frequencies, just launched.

In detail:

the Professional line includes low frequencies drivers for typical applications as mid-woofers, woofers e sub-woofers with a range of nominal power handling of 80, 120, 150, 200 and 350 Watt, respectively corresponding to maximum power handling of 160, 300, 400 and 700 W,

the High Performance range again including woofers and sub-woofers which can handle higher program power, from 700W or 1.000W which correspond to a maximum power handling of 1400 and 2000W,

and the brand new HF Compression Driver line comprehensive of high frequencies neodymium compression drivers and power handling values of 60 and 80W, with maximum powers of 120 and 160W.

Professional Woofer Line
The new products introduced at ProLight+Sound include a whole new series of HF compression drivers (please see below) and some new proposals within the Professional range which has been extended by introducing five new models of low frequencies professional neodymium drivers.

In detail:

a 5" midrange-woofer driver, M5N 12-80, with 1,5" voice coil, excellent power handling values of nominal 80W on 12 Ohm and 160 W of maximum power capability,

a 6" midrange-woofer, M6N8-150, with nominal power handling of 150 Watts, 2" coil, and his twin brother woofer, W6N8-120, with 1,46" coil and nominal 120 W e 240 maximum,

a 8" woofer, W8N8-200, handling nominal 200 W on 8 Ohm and a maximum of 400 W,

a 10" woofer, W10N8-350, for nominal 350 Watt on 8 Ohm and a maximum of 700 W.

High Frequencies Compresson Driver Line
FaitalPRO also launched a brand new line dedicated to professional High Frequency Drivers which is based on four different models of professional compression Drivers with neodymium magnet and pure titanium dome; these drivers - just like all other FaitalPRO components - are meant for no compromise professional heavy duty applications at the highest performance levels; the new range also includes a first aluminium alloy horn.

In detail:

Compression Driver HF10AT, 1,7" coil, circular phase plug, can withstand nominal 60 Watts on 8 Ohm and 120 W maximum, and a SPL of109 dB (1W@1m)

Compression Driver HF10RT, 1,7", radial phase plug, 60 W nominal power on 8 Ohm and 120 maximum, SPL 108 dB,

Compression Driver HF14AT, 3" coil, circular phase plug, 80 Watt nominal power handling on 16 Ohm and maximum 160 W, generating 110 dB SPL (1W@1m),

Compression Driver HF20AT, 3" coil, circular phase plug, nominal 80 W on 16 Ohm and maximum 160 W, SPL 110 dB (1W@1m).

Aluminium Alloy Horn
Newly announced at ProLight+Sound, and shortly available, the new high frequencies horn is specifically tailored for the HF professional Neodymium Compression Driver series by FaitalPRO.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager commented: "Made entirely on a proprietary design with aluminium alloy, fully respecting the strict technical features common to all FaitalPRO products, our new HF horn assembly enters our catalogue which is meant to be a reference in every pro audio environment and at a short pace from the launch of the new line of HF compression drivers and the new woofers and midrange-woofers, which were created on the one hand to follow our customers' suggestions, and on the other to forestall all the market needs."
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