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Fecha de publicación: 25 Junio 2009
New Mid and Mid-woofers by FaitalPRO Specific, refined products, based on new technologies and improved Acoustics.
There are several novelties launched by FaitalPRO on occasion of the past Frankfurt Musikmesse + Prolight Sound, the Frankfurt fair held in April. Faital is an important Milan-based company, quite well-known on an international level, 51 successful years in the "multi-purpose" loudspeaker area and highly specialized in the "automotive" sector to the point of having won numerous quality awards assigned by main automobile manufacturers worldwide.
FaitalPRO is the branch of the company that has concentrated on multiple areas of professional Sound Reinforcement with appropriate ranges of Pro loudspeakers for the purpose for five years to date-handing down experience and sharing passion, research and development, manufacturing systems and customer service, with the main division.
Great interest was encountered in Frankfurt for the new 2,5" Faital PRO HF Driver, labeled HF142 and 144, with a 1,4" opening that are available in two different versions with different diaphragms, but we will get back on the subject later and as soon as possible by expanding and citing the details relative to another two new compression driver, HF10AK and HF10RK that boast new diaphragms in "Ketone Polymer" and various innovative characteristics, which will be seen in due time.
Furthermore, a brand new horn with constant direction, a 1,4" throat and a specific wave guide for line array systems with a 1,4" throat, on which further details will be provided together with the HF drivers.
Excellent welcome for yet another "new entry" in the woofer area, the Five Hundred Series: now including 3 new models in 10", 12" and 15", respectively called 10FH520, 12FH520 and 15FH520, that ensure an even greater power output and a fresh new tone due to the revolutionary magnetic circuit based on the aluminum demodulation ring and new mobile parts-such as the cones, suspensions and voice coils.
The notable acoustic improvements introduced on these and other FaitalPRO products were also made possible thanks to the aid of the new Klippel SCN instrument, based on optical "Laser Vibrometry Scanner" technology.
To complete the range of professional FaitalPRO loudspeakers, even a 5" Mid-woofer 5FE120 in Ferrite and a "pure" mid-range, 6PR150, a real and true "filler" were launched.

New Mid-woofer in Ferrite 5FE120
The new Mid-woofer in Ferrite 5FE120 - an excellent cost/performance ratio - is the natural evolution of the 5FE100, already on catalog, with a fiber glass cone which remains a valid product that dramatically improves the acoustic performance in the mid-range. The adoption of a demodulation ring allowed increasing the resonance frequency to privilege its operation in medium frequency. Suited for two or three-way systems for its optimum "flat" linear response, the 5FE120 can also be cut "further up" to ensure a different tone on medium frequencies.

New Mid 6" 6PR150
The new mid 6" 6PR150 was created to replace the previous M6N8150 and will be available in short time.
It incorporates a 2" (52mm) voice coil and repeats the application of the fortunate demodulation ring technology, decisively favoring the medium range, with 97 dB sensitivity.
The FaitalPRO Research & Development sector wanted to “linearize” it so as to make it gain efficiency and render it appropriate for multi-way applications as well as in line arrays.
Basically, the new mid 6PR150 is a "filler" with a "bell type" response completed from 300 to 3000 Hz and classic professional loudspeaker settings, such as the treated cloth suspension, fully waterproof paper cone, a purposely limited cone excursion, but able to withstand power, 150 W nominal, 300 maximum. Other characteristics describing it are: low distortion, with very high resonance frequency, important motor power, to insert in a dedicated cup or closed box, optimum for use in the SR and ideal in string instrument reproduction.

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