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Fecha de publicación: 03 Agosto 2007
Preliminary, new transducers, 'Five Hundred' series: great performances and affordable prices! FaitalPRO launches four new 10, 12, 15 e 18" woofers/mid-woofers that... "can hurt!"
FaitalPRO in March 2007, at ProLight+Sound, debuted ten new neodymium professional loudspeakers dedicated to sound reinforcement: precisely, four compression drivers, HF range, an aluminium alloy horn and five neodymium woofers and mid woofers.

Nevertheless, after the success of these new lines and always ready to satisfy market trends and needs, FaitalPRO engineers involved in R&D got moving again and at a few months have come out with other products of outstanding importance.

Four new woofers and mid-woofers, with neodymium motor structures, 10, 12, 15 e 18" sizes, destined to cover several areas and needs of the professional sound reinforcement markets, born to accomplish well defined tasks, as Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager at FaitalPRO, confirms:
"The market was requiring a higher excursion than the present cones and at the same time a better suitability for different application. In practice, thanks to the fact that for a typical signal power the cones boost a higher excursion if compared to the present models, our new components can move a higher quantity of air and at a higher speed. So our new transducers are more "impulsive", that is, they can better respond to the signal impulses: they more easily adapt to a wider range of applications, ranging from the usual professional sound reinforcement areas, but also other markets."

Powerful transducers
This new range of products, Five Hundred series, - which is now in between the existing two, "Professional" and "High Performance" - is born for applications in "less extreme" electric parameters enclosures which are therefore suitable for a wider range of professional applications. This always the case of powerful loudspeakers addressed to high quality professional areas, reflex Bessel4, and QB3, even horn loaded, but showing Thiele & Small parameters not so far from the components also employed in high-end hifi.

Highly efficient, huge cone excursion
The new series mechanical suspensions have been designed in a predictive study in order to give back the maximum mechanic performance (very low energy dissipation). As a result all new FaitalPRO loudspeakers, series Five Hundred, are designed for professional sound reinforcement applications, high-end prosumer and even in surround multi channel applications, up to 500 W nominal power range. All new models are perfectly suited for "multi purpose" sound reinforcement, since they avoid using very expensive digital processors which sometimes are difficult to setup.

Professional mass market recommended
From the point of view of the enclosure manufacturers the newest FaitalPRO transducers are readily adaptable since they simplify the manufacture design process and production; this rarely happens in the professional world employing loudspeakers which are more "critic" to use and need to be properly controlled to give back maximum performances.

Igor Cambazzu, Pro Audio Sales Manager for FaitalPRO comments: "In poor words, professional loudspeakers may guarantee exceptional performances but a very good competence is needed to reach said performances and the needed acoustic levels, while these new products, the Five Hundred Series, are "easier to handle", they suit perfectly an incredible number of applications and - last but not least - they are less expensive".

Application range

Flavio Naggi confirms: "We definitely advise a great many applications: best suitable for compact 3-way highly efficient systems, in a thousand areas like high quality karaoke, pianobar, lounge/disco bar, but also in low and mid level touring and sound reinforcement, and in small/medium midfield boxes, studio monitor in broadcast, post production, recording, and also in cinema and for high-end hifi manufacturers".
The new products by FaitalPRO boast a flat and linear response, and can handle up to 500 W, while the Professional and High Performance ranges can withstand respectively 350 and 700/1,000 Watts.
Flavio Naggi says: "The efficiency of the newcomers is winning, for example the 18" has a Fn at 30 Hz with an astounding 36 mm of cone excursion, so it will produce a mass boost efficiency at 30 Hz: in practice, the bass will be so powerful that "can hurt".
The 10" model, then, for its physical dimensions and frequency range is particularly recommended in high level line arrays, since it promised dramatic improvements to the low end frequencies, and can be easily coupled to one or two HF compression drivers".

Some more advantages
The voice coils have been chosen for their good acoustic linearity and for extreme performances, the cones are made of treated paper and synthetic fibres with a waterproof treatment; the spider is single and the neodymium motor structure features a large neo magnet with a forced convention cooling device.
All electrical-mechanical-acoustical features of the new transducers have been improved to reach an even better linearity.
All new transducers series Five Hundred employ very resistant and light voice coils manufactured with a particular profile such in a way the loudspeaker may boast a better break-up at the highest frequencies. They are suitable for a perfect coupling with high frequency compression drivers, by means of a simplified crossover in order not to have any frequency filtering problem.
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