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Fecha de publicación: 10 Abril 2018
NEW FaitalPRO 18XL2000: "A PINNACLE FOR BASS"A near NO LIMITS SUPER WOOFER at Prolight+Sound 2018 FaitalPRO, renowned Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, officially launches three new models at the prolight + sound 2018 (Hall 3.1, Booth B61), all with great appeal for the professional audio market.
They are three cone speakers, namely two 6" drivers medium and low-medium frequencies, and an 18" super woofer dedicated to the reproduction of the lowest frequencies.

We are now introducing the Super Woofer called 18XL2000 which has an extra gear and it is not by chance that the abbreviation "XL" actually references the "extra-large" size.
Flavio Naggi Commercial Director of FaitalPRO explains: "It stems from a rather particular product philosophy, where we wanted to go beyond the 4" dimension of the voice coil and propose a top of the range model.
We succeeded because the final result far exceeds all the other products in our catalog, as a driving force, with an efficiency 97 dB, BL 30.8 N / A, and an Eta Zero 1.54%. So, we are able to offer a super woofer, a real "cannon" to be connected to important amplifiers, in superlative double-reflex 18" configurations capable of withstanding up to 4KW."

FaitalPRO 18XL2000
Conceptually it arises from the need to create a magnetic circuit capable of withstanding a very high nominal power, 2000 W continuous AES, and it guarantees a different functionality compared to traditional 4" voice coil speakers. This is thanks to an even more powerful magnetic motor.
It responds, therefore, to the needs of the market calling for more and more powerful professional speakers, returning a very dynamic, high impact sub, which hits the stomach hard with the maximum punch.
The magnetic circuit is concentrated on a neodymium cap structure which integrates a perforated pad; therefore, it guarantees an even greater efficiency of the classic magnet with external ring.
Thanks to the cap, the magnetic force is not dispersed to the outside even minimally and the magnetic efficiency remains at maximum.
In this direction it follows a design and construction choice already adopted on several other FaitalPRO products (e.g. 12PR300, HP1060, etc.).
The coil of 4,65" diameter, allows us to keep a very high efficiency, even the weight of the neodymium magnet is reduced and therefore the overall weight of the loudspeaker itself is reduced, making it the ideal companion in touring applications.

Flavio Naggi resumes: "We wanted to create a new "must", an incredible companion for many top-of-the-range applications which will surely be a feather in the cap of the 18XL1800."

The EBP value of 100 Hz raises it to the status of "best in class woofer" for canonical uses such as front-loaded bass reflex.
The casing volume of only about 170 liters allows loudspeaker manufacturers ample freedom in the creation of projects and amplification systems.
A highly efficient super woofer that welcomes top amplifiers power feeds, even 2KW, to create acoustic systems with very few limits.
The recommended applications in the pro-audio world are global, wherever a very high power is needed in the lower part of the range, as in touring and in very large top-quality line arrays.
It's very adaptable, thanks to a high EBP value, and is excellent in front of stage applications, even in special configurations, with hybrid and horn loading.
Some of the other relevant data are the mirrored double spider, the treated canvas cone edge and the magnetic circuit with forced coil ventilation cooling system.
A quick look at the data sheet is enough to immediately qualify it as a "reference product" in the 18" range.

Flavio Naggi closes: "the added value is certainly in the great performance.
Thanks to such a powerful magnetic circuit and a 28 Hz Fs, the listening perception of the bass is devastating and the kick is really brutal and violent. Its thrust on the bass is so high and present that it allows to create very impactful systems with a limited number of loudspeakers."
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