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Fecha de publicación: 07 Abril 2017
HIGH CLASS ACOUSTIC ACHIEVEMENTSNEW PRO COAXIAL LOUDSPEAKERS, FAITALPRO 10HX230, 12HX230 FaitalPRO, Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, renowned for power, tonal quality and durability, launches two new full range speakers onto the European market at the ProLight + Sound 2017, 10HX230 - 12HX230, in coaxial configuration.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Pro-Audio Division Manager points out: "These new professional coaxials are really a great product and, of course, thoroughly follow all high quality prerogatives needed by our range of professional speakers.

Given the size and the coaxial configuration, they allow to realize loudspeaker systems smaller in size if compared to those solutions which choose two separate acoustic sources.

In addition, coaxials are great to create stage monitors, near field speakers, hanging or ceiling installation, in touring and in "general purpose" of the highest technical and qualitative level."

8HX230 - Coaxial Loudspeaker
The new 10HX230 and 12HX230 stand next to a product recently added to the catalog -8XH230- which expanded the "family feeling" of Professional 8" coaxial speakers with the desire to become top of the range.

With a weight of less than 5Kg, the FaitalPRO 8HX230 is within a small circle of top range products and, at a glance, it has been noted for some typical characteristics, starting from the particular angular dispersion slightly higher than the brothers range.

The qualities of power, LF 250 W, HF 30 W, assimilate it to other coaxial 8" speakers, but its strength is in the slightly lower resonant frequency and in a slightly greater excursion as compared to similar models 8" non-coaxial, like the type 8PR155.

The driver has a cutoff frequency at 1.7 kHz, and employs a 37mm Ketone Polymer diaphragm.

The 8" woofer presents a typical cone made of treated cellulose pulp, waterproof, with canvas edge.

The 8HX230 is designed to cover the mid-high frequencies, and may optionally be joined by a further woofer for reinforcement on the lower range, 10", 12" or higher.

It is capable of optimizing multiple applications and attracts users in a very broad market of sound reinforcement, PA and where a low reinforcement sound is needed.

The new coaxial 10HX230 and 12HX230 top of the range
Capitalizing on the success of professional coaxial speakers 8 "(8HX200, 8HX150), FaitalPRO now extends the range to 10 and 12".

The market has immediately noticed some features from these new 10HX230 and 12HX230: the very natural tonality and the great frequency extension.

The woofers ferrite magnetic circuit is common to 8HX230 and less expensive, although obviously with a higher weight.

In it, a special housing holds the compression driver with neodymium magnet.

The already successful 8" driver was also employed here.

The two magnetic circuits are spaced of about one cm from a plastic flange.

Another great strength by FaitalPRO implemented within the driver is the annular magnetic circuit with 37mm voice coil.

The most appreciated qualities are an excellent tonality in the reproduction of medium-high frequency range and a really ideal coupling with new larger cones larger, 10" and 12".

The moving coil is identical for both models; as is the magnetic circuit for the woofer section; the centering and the diaphragms are different.

The small internal horn to the woofer coil which operates the first acoustic coupling on the 10HX230 and 12HX230 driver is a diffraction one while that in use on 8HX200 provides an "almost tractrix" profile.

The high frequency operation - that is the directivity - of the two-new coaxials is completely different from 8HX200, and the angular coverage, on the horizontal and vertical planes, remains quite large up to 8-10kHz so as to obtain an even greater dispersion.

The new full range coaxials boast 250W of power for the woofer, 500 AES maximum, with 96 dB of efficiency (97 dB 12HX230), frequency response 75 ÷ 4000 Hz. While for the HF drivers, 30W of power - 107 dB of efficiency, frequency response 1,500 ÷ 20,000 Hz.

Given the low weight of 4.1 and 4.3 Kg they are also excellent in touring.
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