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Fecha de publicación: 24 Noviembre 2016
"GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH EXCELLENT DESIGN"M.B. CANTEENWALA OF SANAEYA AUDIO, INDIA Sanaeya is an old timer Indian company Founded by Mr. M. B. Canteenwala (sitting to the right in the picture) in 1982. The headquarters are in the department of Gujarat Government.

Since the foundation, the owner has continued to build on his company resources with emphasis on quality, professionality and increasing the capital value... with sensing a need to provide customized solutions.

Andrew Richardson: "Mr. M. B. Canteenwala, can you tell us of your company vision?"
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "Our Quality Policy is simple, we are committed to strive for achieving good quality products with excellence design, to the best satisfaction of our clients by continually improving our processes, updating our knowledge, services and training our key human resources, in what we call "The Path towards Excellence".
We are proud of providing accurate, informative, analytical and time bound services to our clients. Before providing so, we first evaluate our readiness to do so, with respect to the knowledge base and availability and competence of infrastructure, both technological and human."

A.R.: "And your main areas of business and company pros are ..."
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "Sanaeya springs from my expertise as a sound engineer in the audio markets striving to offer benchmark services to customers. To do so we are continuously upgrading and improving our team and systems to grab the challenges and to achieve success.
Presently, besides being dealer for Harman Professionals, we are providing audio visual sales and services mostly for multiplex cinemas and professional sound systems, and acoustic consultancy for auditoriums and sound systems.
We also are appreciated in the field of manufacturing professional projection and sound systems with our own design."

A.R.: "And it is exactly in this last field you encountered Italian professional loudspeakers manufacturer FaitalPRO."
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "Our methodology and approach includes client mapping like understanding the client's existing activities and future plans, organization structure, expansion plans, perpendicular integrations and staff needs. So our aims are for providing high standard services to clients. That is why we started using FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers, because we gradually developed a good reputation in the market and we need to keep on providing good quality systems and after sales services."

A.R.: "What kind of sound systems are you specialized in?"
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "We are manufacturing different kind of speakers systems like Vented Enclosures, Hybrid Enclosures, Array Systems, Stage Monitors, T – Bins, Scoops Enclosures. And since we started using FaitalPRO loudspeakers only recently, these excellent components are -at the moment- used in our two-way line arrays systems, 10", 12" and 18" with HF compression drivers."

A.R: "How is the business landscape in your territory, and client base?"
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "Our market is conscious for good price and we need to produce a high quality to cost ratio; besides our cabinets must provide a good and sturdy design. So we finally got to FaitaPRO since we have found so far a better price, excellent quality and a very fast support regarding any product. Made in Italy is also a plus for our customers and that is why we will keep on "experimenting" with additional models and products from FaitalPRO."

A.R.: "What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your design enclosures?"
Mr. M. B. Canteenwala: "Our customers and the Indian market in general are a bit static so they are still testing this change, even though they trust us; this is a tough industry and any victory is to be gained. Our FaitalPRO best sellers are at the moment some woofers, precisely the 18HP1030 a ferrite super woofer capable of 1200W and 98 dB pressure, the neodymium super woofer 12FH500, a 12" capable of 500 W and 97 dB of sound pressure, the 10PR300 woofer 10" which is a neodymium 300 W with 98 dB on 8 Ohm, and the renowned FaitalPRO HF compression driver HF 140, which is a 1.4", 100W and 110 dB with neodymium engine."

26, Stadium House, Opp. Sardar Patel Swimming Pool, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) 380 009.
Tel : 079-26561888
E-mail: info@sanaeya.com
Web: sanaeya.com

Factory Address
Sanaeya B-58 Maruti Industrial Park , Opp.Naroda Fire Station, Naroda Road, Ahmedabad 380025
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