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Fecha de publicación: 27 Junio 2016
"FAITALPRO: A SMART EAR TO THE STREET"CRAIG SHORTY BERNABEU, SBS SLAMMER, DESCRIBES HIS BUSINESS WITH FAITALPRO A few weeks ago we published a first round of thoughts from Craig "Shorty" Bernabeu, of SBS Slammer. What follows is the second part of the talk.
My name is Craig SBS Shorty Bernabeu, I have been in the audio industry from the mid 80'ss, working on Richard Long sound systems at Club Zanzibar & Club 88. I then went on to be a sound technician at many NYC night clubs in the Mid 90's, then to Twilo in NYC and also worked at PDS electronics for Steve Dash of Phazon and other clubs.
In 2002 David Morales Hired SBS to re-engineer and re design at Stereo in MTL, which gained SBS many awards for my analog technology.
After Stereo in MTL, I went on to designing and selling the acoustic systems SBS Slammer in many cities and countries around the world. Honolulu Hawaii, Athens Greece, Shanghai China, Singapore, Acapulco Mexico, System NY in LIC Queens NY, in Times Square NYC, the Liberty Theater from 1904 and more.

The vision
The 2 present divisions SBS Designs and SBS Slammer NYC are exactly as I intended them. This was not my vision with my former line Thrive audio where I had the club market only in mind and did well. With my new line and designs through SBS Designs I wanted to bring even greater quality designs to market but this time for the mastering and recording studio applications and all pro applications to not only take the fidelity to the greatest level, but also to give end users features and circuits never done before. I wanted also to give unique techniques to get the most out of a mix in a studio, or features to elevate the crowd and sonic fidelity in a live application by a DJ or live PA mix engineer.

Business today
The business is changing here in the NYC area for both companies SBS Designs & SBS Slammer. For sales and now installations, clients are wanting the return of tried and true technology that stands the test of time and delivers what it says and more akin to the SBS Designs & The SBS Slammer. The focus on grass roots is coming back and is sound driven in the club applications and with SBS Designs in studios with guys taking them on the road to enhance rigs they are performing on. They want the sound quality again and are less focused on the convenience first so its an interesting time again.

FaitalPRO making a positive impact
It's really all of FaitalPRO loudspeakers making a positive impact on my business. They are the only company that has gotten the voicing down right. I like that they have so many to choose from in each diameter, with a interesting way to voice a system how you like it to be and not to just offer one 15 inch or one 18 inch driver and that's it. They offer a variety of coil impedances too. I haven't seen this in years with 16 ohm, 8 ohm, 4 ohm the choice is yours, the way it SHOULD be!
I asked some time ago for them to make a high frequency ring radiator type of device and here comes the FD371, so they listen and bring what the consumer wants to market, a smart ear to the street!
To put my finger on a product, it's not possible because all their products I have found to my liking for one or another application, they have such a well rounded line.
The overall impression and comments from my clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in my design enclosures is that SBS Slammer KICKS ASS and I NEVER heard or felt sound like this before, NOTHING touches the SBS Slammer!

Working together today with FaitalPRO, it has been just positive, the support in the USA is beyond perfect and all is amazing from manufacturing to policy.
In my personal view, the FaitalPRO philosophy on approaching the market is similar to mine.
I love it and if I love something I feel good to use it in my clients applications which has to be the perfect synergy with SBS Designs & SBS Slammer cabinets, and this is very important. They make a variety of drivers that just have the sound and you want a sub woofer, they offer it, a woofer they offer it, a mid, they offer it. With the mid high devices you have endless choices and they all do one thing which is sound right and don't let go, oh and they are waterproof! Even Bass guitar and Musical Instrument applications will benefit from this line.

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