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Fecha de publicación: 06 Junio 2016
Right at the Beginning of this year "Namm was a great show to Visit", says Alex Skan at Void Acoustics, "very lively and full of interesting people and products, it was great to see the guys from FaitalPRO, so far from home and good to see they are supporting global markets. They had a number of very interesting new products and are always very accommodating. We have also launched the new Arcline 8 project in Frankfurt.
The project follows the Arcline 6 Passive 6.5" two-way line array module which has a virtual arc 120° horizontal dispersion, a true cylindrical wavefront, Neodymium drive units throughout, 4 x 6.5" neodymium low frequency drivers, 3 x 1" neodymium high frequency compression drivers. At Void Acoustics we design, manufacture and distribute advanced professional audio systems for the installed and live-sound sectors."

Davies Roberts, Flare Audio West Sussex
Flare Audio is once again demonstrating just how far it can push the boundaries of sound, with its brand new XO system.
The production of Breakfast at Tiffanys, starring Pixie Lott, is adapted by playwright Richard Greenberg and directed by Nikolai Foster. It is a stage play with music, featuring sound design by veteran Mic Pool.
Flare Audio's tiny tourable XO line column system debuts here, delivering high quality and SPL in a variable length line column format.
The superior vocal clarity of the XO, coupled with its small size (129mm x 150mm x 78mm) and flexible bracketry allows for maximum sound design flexibility. The XO can be used on its own as a delay or low-level installation speaker, or can be arrayed in a Vertical Point Source.

Ankit Gupta, Aerons India New Delhi
Ankit Gupta of Aerons India is a distributor of FaitalPRO products within India.
Stocking most products, including the flagship FaitalPRO 18XL1600 and 18HW1070, he is creating some great new cabinets with his team of designers using several other FaitalPRO speakers. We expect an exciting new product launch with live demo's at the Indian DJ Expo in Delhi which runs from June 30th to July 2nd.

Dominic Stafford, Pasi Kokkonen. Finnlabs LLP Manchester
Dominic and Pasi of Finnlabs have been using 18XL1800 in development of new models and have great feedback for this flagship. Work continues on re-design of older models and also exciting new projects which cross many market areas. More information will be available nearer the product launch later this year.

Darren Jones, ADJ Audio
"We do use quite a lot FaitalPRO products and in particular the 12FH520 which sounds particularly nice and also using the FD371 compression driver. A recent system called Annex System was launched at last BPM event. The bullet drivers are the FaitalPRO FD371. The Annex upper bass boxes also use FaitalPRO subwoofer. I particularly like the sound of FaitalPRO speakers especially sub bass, mid bass and upper bass and the selection of drivers that is available. We had a lot of positive feedback for these products last year and we have been using FaitalPRO speakers in systems used mainly in night clubs; so a lot of expectations for the future."

Andrew Richardson AREA / OEM SALES Pro-Audio Division FaitalPRO, says: "The industry we operate in tends to be geared towards high throughput rather than individuality, so at FaitalPRO we give our professional loudspeakers major character and tonality, as well as class leading longevity.
Besides, as all the above comments confirm, we are always ready to support both startups, existing customers which include some of the most well-known names in the industry. We are constantly and consistently available as partners and counselors to our customers."
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