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Fecha de publicación: 12 Junio 2014
FAITALPRO Announces the Publication of Russian WebsitePrecious Collaboration with Distributor Spektr Ltd or ООО Спектр
This project was achieved in cooperation with Russian distributor, George Vorozheykin, who recently created a new company to dedicate himself to the exclusive distribution of professional Italian FaitalPRO loudspeakers.
The original name of the new company with the exclusive on FaitalPRO loudspeakers is "ООО Спектр", which becomes "Spektr Ltd", in English.
FaitalPRO is the professional division of Faital SpA located at Milan's doorstep, in San Donato Milanese.

Its strength derives from a multinational group in the audio field, which has been designing and producing top quality loudspeakers for over 50 years based on the application of highly advanced production processes.

Gianluca Turra, FaitalPRO area manager, responsible for the Asian and Russian markets, states:
"The new web site lays a very important foundation for the further expansion of FaitalPRO on the vast, decisively important Russian market.
The site itself is destined to become a fundamental tool for our clients, as a rich source of information for areas with enormous potential."

It is also important to point out that FaitalPRO can count on the precious contribution of a local distributor in this area, George Vorozheykin, who is committed to the exclusive sale of professional FaitalPRO loudspeakers- as mentioned- through a new business organization.
The Sales team is made up of two experienced professionals who have been supporting these territories for over 4 years and are greatly appreciated in various segments of the pro-audio field.
Their renewed dedication tends to boost the presence of the renown Italian FaitalPRO brand to an even more significant position.
Until now, the most popular models in these areas have mostly been 18" and 12" woofers. The distribution of the new driver range, including the HF103 , HF108 and HF109 models is currently taking off.
The 3FE25, 3FE22, 12FH520, HF14AT, 18HP1060 / 18XL1600, and 15HP1060 models are also favorites in this territory.
The new company has two distinct operational headquarters, each strategically located in a vital hub of the country, precisely Moscow and Krasnoyarsk.

George Vorozheykin and the new member of his team (Evgeny) The SPEKTR LTD o ООО "Спектр" distributor guarantees many services. As well as providing great technical competence in products and techniques, it primarily offers clients a stock of loudspeakers available on demand, even in significant quantities. This solves the problem of getting products coming from Italy without unreasonable waiting times. Gianluca Turra confirms: "We can count on George Vorozheykin and SPEKTR LTD ООО Спектр to offer the client timely service and support on enclosure design with important technical advice. In fact, the owner of the Russian company enjoys an excellent reputation in the professional audio field and has a renown technical background."
This is a strategic move for FaitalPRO in a prominent market; Russian distribution is reinforced to introduce the FaitalPRO brand more completely.
George Vorozheykin points out: "I've been active in my father's company for four years, in the same fields of profession audio and amplification in general. Recently, I've decided to create a new company reality specifically based on the distribution of FaitalPRO products.
Starting with committed distribution on the internet and strong participation at local trade shows, such as Music Moscow and the current ProLight Sound Namm Moscow, I created an independent company that exclusively strives for the distribution of FaitalPRO products, both wholesale as well as retail.
I'm highly visible on the Internet with this top quality Italian brand and active on several blogs, as well as on the Russian version of the social network called VK — vk.com, where the group is called vk.com/faitalpro."
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