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12" Neodymium Coaxial Loudspeaker

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The 12HX500 breaks down the traditional barriers of design concept and acoustical performance offering designers limitless possibilities.

Its double magnet – double gap assembly increases the magnetic performance and takes efficiency to the highest levels; power is no longer an issue thanks to 3 inch voice coils for both drivers. The aluminium demodulation ring provides crystal clear sound with very low distortion and the integration of a dedicated horn allows optimal directivity control of the HF section.


FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Dual Neodymium Magnet
FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Dual Neodymium Magnet

Dual Magnet Technology

The Neodymium magnet assembly in a dual magnet and dual gap configuration, combined with an aluminium demodulation ring, gives the 12HX500 an incredible amount of magnetic energy making it extremely linear and efficient.

FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Double 3 inches voice coil system

Double 3" Voice Coil System

The double 3" voice coil system with Copper Clad Aluminium Wire (CCAW) withstands elevated temperatures levels guaranteeing unparalleled power handling.

FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Integrated Aluminium Horn
FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Integrated Aluminium Horn

Integrated Horn

The embedded aluminium horn guarantees optimal directivity and conical high frequency dispersion with a 100° coverage angle.

FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Sound Control

Sound Control

The 12HX500's woofer section is equipped with a custom geometry cone structure using select high performance materials, designed to control high frequency break up and guarantee maximum versatility. The built-in compression driver ensures the highest degree of control on High Frequency extension thanks to the unique, FEM optimised, titanium dome and phase plug designs.

FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Die Hard

Die Hard

The solid aluminium cast basket is designed to reduce all forms of resonance. The lead wires, integrated into the spider, increase reliability at high excursions while maintaining the cone integrity for a perfectly balanced performance.

FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Die Hard
FaitalPRO 12HX500 - Incredibly versatile

Incredibly Versatile

The combination of two high-power loudspeakers in one makes the 12HX500 extremely versatile, removing the need for compromise between Volume and Performance.

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